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Helpful Tips for an Easy Transition to Korea

  Korea, ‘the land of the morning clam’ has its own unique culture and social norms. Korean society is based on Confucianism. Confucianist values are embedded in Korean culture and customs. For many foreigners these differences turn out to be the stumbling blocks that make their stay short and rather unpleasant in Korea. There is

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Teaching at an English Village (part II)

Last post we took a look at what is an ‘English village’ and how does it work. This post I will talk about how to find a job an an English village and what benefits do they offer. As I said in my earlier post, these English villages aim to provide children with a unique

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Teaching at an English village (part I)

  In my other posts I have talked about teaching English in public schools and private institutes or ‘hagwons’. However, for anyone looking to teach in South Korea for the very first time, an English village is another option especially for those not interested in working in either a public school or a private language

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