Sushi Kal (Kal-Sushi)

173-29, Yeomni-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea


11:30-22:30 - Break time 15:30~17:00

Definitely the best sushi bar you haven’t been to yet.  Sushi Kal is Casual, clean and modern, the long sushi bar and welcoming staff take you for a minute to your old local sushi haunt back in San Francisco or New York.


This isn’t your Whole Foods or Costco Sushi in a box.  Nor is it your deeply-frozen pieces of fish-ice.  This is thick, cold (not frozen, mind you) slabs of deep red tunas (maguro), delectable, light salmon and a dozen other types of fresh raw fish touched up with just the right about of subtle care.


Red cushioned stools adorn the black bar, which is equipped with a heated sake dispenser and plenty of Korean and Japanese Beer.


Miss Western style sushi?  Then don’t miss the Spicy Tuna Roll or California Rolls — one order alone is enough to fill up the heartiest of appetities (8,000 won each).   Lunch is perfect — Sushi & Zaru Soba for 10,000 won.  Done.


The simple menu also offers up a wide assortment of ala carte sushi as well, including ikura, or salmon eggs that pop away in your mouth like sweetly salted balloons, grilled teriyaki eel, octopus, squid (ika), shrimp (aba-emi) and much more.  (12 piece, assorted sushi plate is 16,000 won and incredibly filling).  The menu also features grilled and salted delicacies, such as roasted salmon cheek (25,000 won) and a platter of lightly battered, flash fried king shrimp (20,000 won).


The soups are equally tasty, and include the must try “Zaru Soba”: cold buckwheat noodles served in a sweet soybean sauce with just a splash of seasoning.  The fluffy, Japanese-style udon will leave you looking longingly at your empty bowl — put on your best puppy dog eyes and you’re likely to get a little extra “service.”  (Soups are all 5,000 won!)


The toughest part of finding this little 20 seater restaurant is leaving it; but you’re destined to come back again.  And again.


Take Line 6 to Gongdeok Station.  Walk straight out of Exit 1, and make a left on the first street.  Walk to the first light, and make a right.  Walk to the next light (on the corner where ZuZu Bar is), and make a left across the street.   Continue straight about 1/2 a block.  Kal Sushi will be on your right hand side.


The restaurant is located in Mapo, not Sinchon or Yongsan.

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  1. David

    My wife and I decided to go check this place out tonight, and after our experience there, I’m surprised there aren’t more reviews about it.

    We’re both big fans of all things sushi, but the one thing we really miss in Korea is the western-style roll.

    Well, Sushi Kal’s got them! We ordered the spicy tuna roll and the California roll, along with two udon dishes (one the common udon soup, and the other udon fried with oyster sauce), not sure what to expect on portions. As it turns out the portions are huge! Everything was delicious, though we liked the spicy tuna roll more than the California.

    The service was quick and friendly, the menus were well-translated, and the atmosphere was nice. Maybe not the most charming of sushi bars, but that hardly seems to matter when the place serves great food. In fact, it reminded us a lot of Sushi Zone, one of the best sushi bars in San Francisco, also a hole-in-the-wall joint with superb sushi.

    After our big meal, we explored the neighborhood and found it’s only a short walk down to the bridge leading to the Yeouinari park to the south of the Han. It was a brilliant walk. We definitely recommend it after an exquisite sushi binge.

    February 3, 2014 at 6:52 am Reply

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