Yongsan-gu Hannam-dong 682-1 Seoul South Korea



Kyotofu is the Korean offspring of the famous Japanese desert bar in New York.


Kyotofu features eclectic combination of Japanese food ingredients flown in from Kansai, Japan with Western-style sweet desert menu.  Kyotofu self-describes its food, “With our emphasis on all-natural, organic, and healthful ingredients, Kyotofu is preparing the palate for new levels of refinement – one soybean at a time!”


Signature sweet tofu is one of the most popular and will cost 9,000 won. (a bit steep since NY version will only set you back $7)

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    Hadonggwan specializes in Gomtang–a type of beef soup that’s boiled with various part of cow such as tail, intestine and vein.


    Sounds gross?  It does taste a lot better than its ingredients and Hadonggwan has been cooking up Gomtang since 1964.  You can be sure that this is close to one of the best Gomtang you will have in Korea if the amount of media coverage it has gotten over the years.


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    Photos provided by iamhodu (

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